The Spring Update

I’ve been a little lax in writing lately.  Not necessarily due to lack of motivation, but more so of  thinking that I had nothing to say.   Apparently, on a blog, you can talk about anything………literally.

So just a little update.

Our break lasted only for a week, whereas our local public schools took two weeks off (the school district’s way of trimming the budget is to eliminate a few days of the school year). Since our budget was a bit tight, we tried to have some inexpensive fun locally. We went to the library, went to the mall, and saw “Wreck It Ralph” (cute movie!).

School has been back in session for a little over a week now. I’m working on tweaking the schedule and chores so that hopefully, we’ll stay on target and can be more efficient so we can have more time for fun.

Last week, Kevin had a tooth extracted. So I helped out by making soft meals for him to eat while he recovered. I’m guessing that it wasn’t necessary as he was eating Mexican lasagna 2 days after the extraction.

So that’s the latest. I’m hoping to fit blogging in to my schedule more often.
Right now, it’s time for me to tuck my kids into bed.

Elizabeth 🙂


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