Merry Christmas!

As far as I know, we are as ready for Christmas as we’ll ever be!The presents have been made or purchased, wrapped and either placed under the tree or mailed to our out-of-state sisters and their families.  Stocking stuffers are ready.  I even have little gifts for the cats (catnip toys, so really, it’s entertainment for us).
I did discover later this afternoon, that a toy for my son’s present, didn’t make it into the box with the rest of his items for that gift.  So I’ll need to unwrap, the package, add the toy and re-wrap it.

The kids are excited for tomorrow.  My son, at one point was leaping through the house like a little kid because he was so happy.  My son is now 5′ 11″.   He’s a tall, happy elf!  My daughter is better and containing her excitement.  She’s more curious about trying to figure out what is in the packages under the tree.

This afternoon, I was told to stay upstairs so that my husband could help my son wrap my gift.  All that my son has told me is that my gift is “governmentally secret”, which makes me wonder what he bought.

As per our tradition for Christmas Eve, we buy a pizza for dinner, and watch a movie.  This year, we’re watching “The Amazing Spiderman”.   I used to buy a new game for the kids to open as well, however my son is not really into games.  He may go one round before he’s done.   Since the table is free of game pieces, I’ll probably get out a puzzle as that is what my aunt and I used to do on Christmas Eve.

As I’m typing this, I can hear “Seinfeld” playing in the DVD player.  I think it’s the episode that introduces “Festivus”.  I hope that no one actually wants to air their grievances tonight :).   I should check to see if we have an aluminium pole.

Tomorrow, we have cinnamon rolls, via Pillsbury, and then drive south to share dinner with my dad and grandma.

Until my next post, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, from my house to yours!