He’s Nearly 15!

DSC00093Originally, I was going to write several blog posts of our experiences for Autism Awareness month, but, I’ve been a busy mama (and not all of that time was spent playing Farmville 2).

So here’s our young man

He used to look like this, a little boy………


IMG_3650and now he’s this tall, young man with a more mature voice.






IMG_3692A young man who still likes to play with tub toys, and bring them to the beach.

(Beware, the “fierce” rubber shark!)


IMG_3754When he was little, he liked to bring sticks into the house and carry them around as “whips”.  One day, my husband became really tired of seeing sticks collecting in the house, so he helped our son find a new form of “whip”.  He bought Kylin a bag of zip-ties, which were the perfect replacement (and good for us if we ever needed to fasten anything to something else!)  Eventually, Kylin discovered that the “whip” could reach a longer distance, if something was taped to it, like a silly straw (he’s a big fan of tape too, so we buy him a roll of painter’s tape for those “gift-giving” occasions.  To him, it’s gold!).



IMG_3758Before he became a teenager, Kevin found this book for me on Amazon.  “Mixed Blessings” was written by William and Barbara Christopher, about their experience raising their autistic son (those who are fans of the show “M*A*S*H” will know William as “Father Mulcahy”).  I’m glad that I read it before my son hit puberty, as they described how their son became more agitated and aggressive once it hit.  So I had some idea of what to expect.  Fortunately, with Kylin, the hard work that we’ve all put in to help him control his emotions at times when things don’t go his way, seem to have helped, so far.

This book is out of print, however it may still be found on Amazon.

Turning 15 for Kylin will be a bit different than it was for Heather.  He isn’t ready to learn to drive, and time will tell if he ever will be.  The plan is to take him to the DMV and get him an ID card, and then help him open up a bank account, so he can learn more about saving money and gaining interest.

He’s also wishing that he had someone to play with his cars “nicely” (meaning, “play how I want to play, and don’t take the cars out of my room unless I say it’s ok”).  This is kind of a big deal, because, in the past, he didn’t want any outside “involvement” when he played.

We’ve also noticed more clarity in his thinking when he writes down his thoughts than when he speaks them.   He’s posting more on Facebook and has been making more of an effort to talk about “real” and appropriate things.   “inappropriate” would be pictures of him being a dictator wanting to go to war.  We did tell him what usually happens to dictators and we didn’t feel that was a worthy career choice for him!  When the “dictator” talk or pictures start happening, that’s his way of saying that he’s in a situation that he has no control over and he doesn’t like that.

We have finally started letting him watch movies with some action in them.  In the past, he couldn’t even watch “Finding Nemo” without getting overly charged and aggressive.   Now he just sits through an action movie rather calmly, and then makes a comment afterwards.  When we watched “Jurassic Park”, he was fairly quiet.  Then at the end, when the cast is bloody, exhausted and limping to the helicopter, Kylin’s matter-of-fact comment was, “They’re going to need to take a shower when they get home”.   Ummm, yeah, I’m sure they are. 🙂

It should be interesting to see what changes and what stays the same over the next year.

IMG_3594 Changes that don’t necessarily include gaining more inches in height over his big sister!

Elizabeth 🙂


Just Passing Through?


I don’t know when this train rolled into town. My husband saw it in our local train yard yesterday, and knew that our son would be interested too. They share a love of trains, both life size and the HO size model. So tonight, after dinner, we drove over to the train yard to see if it was still there. Is it here for a new paint job? Is it just passing through? We’ll probably never know.


Uninvited Spring Guests

Spring is officially here, and for us, since we live in an area which in a past life was farm country, that means, ants. Those tiny little sugar ants.
My son discovered them this morning. They had a set trail between the back door, across the metal strip that divides the living room from the dining area. Their destination was the box where we had our latte machine and bottles of flavored syrup. One of the bottles had obviously leaked, sending a signal to the scout ant, that there was sugary goodness to be had.
My daughter pointed out that the ants weren’t fooled by a box that read “Dandy Quality Lettuce”

My son felt that the best course of action was to use a water gun (even if it looks like a dolphin).

I chose what has been the best solution for getting rid of ants for several years.
Probably not as much fun as squirting water on them though!

From my pest-free house to yours,

The Spring Update

I’ve been a little lax in writing lately.  Not necessarily due to lack of motivation, but more so of  thinking that I had nothing to say.   Apparently, on a blog, you can talk about anything………literally.

So just a little update.

Our break lasted only for a week, whereas our local public schools took two weeks off (the school district’s way of trimming the budget is to eliminate a few days of the school year). Since our budget was a bit tight, we tried to have some inexpensive fun locally. We went to the library, went to the mall, and saw “Wreck It Ralph” (cute movie!).

School has been back in session for a little over a week now. I’m working on tweaking the schedule and chores so that hopefully, we’ll stay on target and can be more efficient so we can have more time for fun.

Last week, Kevin had a tooth extracted. So I helped out by making soft meals for him to eat while he recovered. I’m guessing that it wasn’t necessary as he was eating Mexican lasagna 2 days after the extraction.

So that’s the latest. I’m hoping to fit blogging in to my schedule more often.
Right now, it’s time for me to tuck my kids into bed.

Elizabeth 🙂