Happy Thanksgiving!!

As I write this, the Thanksgiving festivities are over, the kids are in bed, and many, many people are braving the rain, and standing in line at various stores around town, taking advantage of the Black Friday sales.

Our day was off to a rather relaxed start.  We were able to sleep in.  I cheated and made Pillsbury cinnamon rolls (well “made” as in “opened a container, put them in the pan and put the pan in the oven”.  I followed directions.  It still counts as baking!).  Since we don’t have cable or an antenna on our house, we missed out on the Macy’s parade.

My sister hosts the holiday dinners in our family.  I made a meatless stuffing and took it with us (and there is more in the freezer for when Kevin wants a snack).    My sister has a new family member.  This is “Phoebe”.  She’s part Pug and part Jack Russel.  She definitely has the energy of the Jack Russel!  She’s only 1 year old, so she is still very much a puppy and loves to play………..and my dad likes to play with her…………and feed her from the table. 🙂  She is a cute dog, and even though I prefer dogs over cats, I’m glad that we don’t have one right now.

So after the meal, and visiting with family, we are now home, and seeing on Facebook, the posts of several friends who are out shopping.  My daughter thinks that it sounds like fun.  It might be, but I would really have to get myself psyched up to stay up all night, and deal with crowds and traffic.  I told her that maybe next year we’ll give it a try.  She’ll hold me to it I’m sure!

So while friends are shopping, I’m going to go watch “Planes, Trains, and Automobiles” with Kevin (a Thanksgiving tradition), and relax in my nice warm, dry house………and read the ads for the deals I’m missing out on, while watching the movie.



Too Early?

Every year, I tend to start my Christmas shopping in September.  My goal is to try to get as much of it finished by Thanksgiving (because after that, the crowds at the malls increase and I don’t care feel like a pinball trying to get from one store to another).    I also try to get those gifts wrapped soon after brining them home (so there can be no peeking).  Every year, I have friends who tell me that it’s too early or shopping and wrapping.  However, this year, one of my friends said something that made what I do acceptable.

He said, “It’s never to early to think of giving”.

A rather profound thought!