The Novice Budgeter

This morning, I started a new plan with the boy.  We started a budget.
Until now, whenever he has acquired money, he has wanted to go to the store right away and look for toys (namely, characters from the “CARS” movies). He’s old enough now that we felt that it was time that he should start choosing and buying gifts to give for birthdays/holidays, and to start setting aside some of that money, so that he can do so.

When I told him of my new idea, I think that he thought that I would be taking his money away because I heard, “It’s the end of the world” (he can get a bit dramatic). Well, maybe the end of the world where all of his money is earmarked for “CARS” toys.

So as the picture above shows, we are starting with 3 categories. Hopefully, it won’t be long before he sees the benefits of budgeting that money.

Now, we just have to convince him that when he’s offered a paying job (that he’s capable of doing), that he should take it.