I’ve Been “Booted”

IMG_6147 I have a new shoe! It’s the latest in a line of one-sided footwear. I’ve had it for almost 2 weeks. I have what is called Plantar Fasciitis, which means that I have an inflammation of the thick tissue on the bottom of the foot. That means that it’s very painful to walk on my heel and under the arch. I’ve been dealing with this for over a year now, since I sprained my ankle. I finally went to a doctor two weeks ago (yeah, I know I should have gone in a lot sooner). So now I have this lovely, open toed boot, keeping my foot and ankle in a 90 degree angle.
This thing has several Velcro straps on it, meaning that it’s noisy when I walk. I can’t sneak up on anyone, and my husband likens my walking sound to that of “RoboCop”!
If you see me out and about, and I’m not wearing it, it’s because I’m probably driving and I’ve been told that I can’t drive with the boot on. If I do, and get into a car accident, then insurance won’t cover it because I should not have been wearing it.
I also have a splint to wear at night. I don’t think that I like it though because more often than not, I’ve woken up in the morning to find it has been removed. This morning, I found it in the trash!
I go back to the doctor in 4 weeks. Hopefully, my foot will be better.
I would like to be able to wear sandals before the nice weather is over!