Uninvited Spring Guests

Spring is officially here, and for us, since we live in an area which in a past life was farm country, that means, ants. Those tiny little sugar ants.
My son discovered them this morning. They had a set trail between the back door, across the metal strip that divides the living room from the dining area. Their destination was the box where we had our latte machine and bottles of flavored syrup. One of the bottles had obviously leaked, sending a signal to the scout ant, that there was sugary goodness to be had.
My daughter pointed out that the ants weren’t fooled by a box that read “Dandy Quality Lettuce”

My son felt that the best course of action was to use a water gun (even if it looks like a dolphin).

I chose what has been the best solution for getting rid of ants for several years.
Probably not as much fun as squirting water on them though!

From my pest-free house to yours,


One comment

  1. we have had so many problems with these damn things! They are everywhere in our neighborhood all our neighbors are fighting them too!

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