43 Days To Go……….

Moving day is quickly approaching.

We still have no idea as to where we’ll be living.  That’s a bit unsettling for me as I like to have my ducks in a row, make lists, and when preparing to leave point A, I like to know where point B is.   I probably would not have made a good wife for Abraham (from the Bible).  God just told Abraham to pack up and go and when he arrived at the right place, God would tell him.   That took a lot of faith, and probably a lot of strength for his wife while leading what some might consider a nomadic lifestyle.  Sure, I’d like to travel all over the country, but not with a U-Haul.   I wonder if, when Abraham would stop and pitch the tent, at every stop, did Sarah ask, “Is THIS the place?”.

So, with 43 days left, I’m still packing, and we’re still searching for just the right house with the right amount of rent.  Also, with the knowledge that we most likely will need to downsize as lower rent sometimes means smaller house, we’re trying to determine what goes into storage,  or the Goodwill.  Yesterday, I finally decided to part with a lot of toys from when my kids were little.  I had been saving them for when little kids come over, however, there haven’t been that many who have visited.  I am keeping some things so a child would be entertained.

While I’m packing to move to another house locally, my sister and her husband are also packing their young family, to move to Nebraska which is 1,200+ miles away.   The occupation that my brother-in-law went to school for (respiratory therapy) , is not available as a full time position in the majority of hospitals in our state.   So he found a job in his home state, which will be great for him and his family.  The schools are great, as well as the cost of living expenses.  We’ll all miss them a lot.  Especially at family gatherings.  Hopefully they can come and visit often, and hopefully, we’ll be able to drive out to see them some day.  I did tell my sister that I expect to see a lot of pictures of her growing family, and she’s even mentioned possibly blogging (which I would read regularly).

So with moving day approaching, I need to get back to my packing.  Hopefully we’ll know where we’re going when I write again.





  1. I too am actively seek a new place myself so I know what that part of it feels like. I however do not have a firm deadline as I can go month to month once my lease expires next month. My ‘goal’ is to have a place lined up by August 1 for September 1 move-in but this month is flying by and most people in town are either charging to much for rent or wanting way to much for a security deposit. I hope you find the right place soon.

  2. I know what you going thru. With your “temp” living only part of our stuff is where we at and most in storage. So if need something, gotta go to storage. Ah! I also had to downsize/purge more this time per micah. Was able to give a lot of the girls books, kept some, to a good cause thru our work so i felt good. Plus clothes that were to big, also gave to another good cause @ work.

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