54 Days Left………..

to pack, and find a house, and be completely moved out of this one and have it cleaned from top to bottom.

So far, I’ve taken the breadbox and the latte machine off of the counter, and moving them to the dining room table.

I have an area where a Goodwill pile lives

I’ve transferred all of our movie DVDs to sleeves in a binder (in case the next house has less square footage than this one, we’re looking for ways to store what we want to keep and save space.

I need to call various stores like Pier 1, TJ Maxx, and other various retail stores to see if they have boxes that we can have.

We need to go through various boxes in our garage to see what we want to keep and what to give away.

54 days and I’m already feeling overwhelmed.

And my son just informed me that he’s expecting some help in shaving his mustache tonight (I’ll let his dad handle that one).



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