Two Weeks……….

I’m not attempting to quote a line from “Total Recall” (the scene where Arnold Schwarzenegger arrived on Mars dressed as a woman and the robotic head had a glitch and kept saying “Two weeks” ).

What I am alluding to is the fact that we have two weeks until our moving day.   We’re planning to move back to the area of town where we lived before moving to the house we’re in now.   However, I believe that we’ll be within walking distance of family.  Also, our new house has the same floor plan as the one we’re in, so I shouldn’t have too much difficulty arranging everything as I unpack.  Right now, our once spacious rooms are crowded with boxes.    I’m really looking forward to the move being behind us and having our things unpacked, and being settled, and eating off of our real dishes instead of paper plates and plastic cups.

My computer is still refusing to acknowledge my camera when trying to download pictures, so once again, this post is unillustrated.

Our first major celebratory season is almost over.  My son, one of my nephews and my sister had birthdays in May, as well as Mother’s Day.  We had Father’s day, two wedding anniversaries, and my sister’s baby shower in June.  In July, my grandma and my other nephew had birthdays.  In August, my new niece was born, just in time for my daughter’s birthday.  We have two more birthdays before the month is over, and they happen after moving day.     The summer also included events such as July 4th in a local small town nearby, and summer camp for my daughter (she had a great time!).

School is the next thing on my mind.  Since we’re homeschooling, I need to think about more than supplies.   I need to see if there are co-op classes for my daughter, as well as calling the public high school to see about having her take a foreign language class there.   Figuring out which schedule will work for us this year.    Hoping that the tires on my van will hold out from all of the driving that I’ll be doing in shuttling the kids around for various activities.

Just a few of things that are happening here, all within a month……



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