Are We Old?

(Originally posted on my old blog, September 1, 2010)

Yesterday, we were watching “Live With Regis & Kelly”, and apparently a viewer had e-mailed the show stating that Regis wouldn’t have such a hard time dialing numbers for their trivia contest, if he had a rotary phone.  So, that brought the question out of my daughter, “What’s a rotary phone?”.  Did someone just slap me with an “old” label!

So I posted that comment as a status on my Facebook page and that brought on other comments.  I was reminded of the days when we had party lines.  I remember trying to call my grandma or my dad, and discovering that there were other people having a conversation on my phone.    Then someone commented on how when they worked in a thrift shop and a record player was brought in.  Apparently the 17 year old co-worker didn’t know how to put the needle on the record.

My husband and I have told our kids about our childhoods, in which we didn’t have personal computers (I didn’t, but my husband did when he was about 15), and our televisions only brought in 1-3 channels and we didn’t have cable (as Jeff Foxworthy once said about those days, “When the President was on, your night was shot!”).   When I was 12, my mother put our black & white tv in our pastor’s garage sale, so I wasn’t watching any channel for several years (until I had my own apartment and my own tv, and soon after that, my mom and stepfather acquired another tv and it was ok to have in the house again).

My kids have heard of records, but I don’t think that they’ve seen them.   My daughter likes to ask, “What are those?” everytime they’re mentioned.

So because they don’t know what these things are, does that make us “old”.  I’d rather use the word “classic”.



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