What Happened to Spring?

(originally posted on my old blog on June 19, 2008)

This is our cat “Oscar”. This cat will sleep in the strangest positions (ones that would make my back hurt if I tried sleeping like that).
In April, we went to the model train show and swap meet at the fairgrounds. Kevin and Kylin are really into trains. Heather isn’t at all, but she was a good sport and went (after she was reminded of how her brother went to alot of the events that she liked and he didn’t).
Ok, here it is. I had blogged a few weeks ago about how Kevin asked our opinion about an earring and came home with one the very next day. So here it is!
A few months ago, Kevin had been driving home and saw a sign next to some plastic bags on the side of the road that read “Free Bulbs”. They had already started sprouting so Kevin brought them home and planted them in the yard, and we spent the next few weeks wondering what exactly we had planted. Once they started blooming, we had our answer (and if you look very closely, our cat Fonzie, had some shade).
For Memorial day weekend, we went to Kevin’s parents to visit and spend the night. They have a hot tub and within an hour, the kids were enjoying it.

It’s hard to believe that summer starts tomorrow! I guess I’d feel worse if time had gone by so fast and we hadn’t filled our time with things to keep us busy. What will summer bring?



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