My Real Name is “Mom”

(originally posted on my old blog on June 24, 2008)

We’ve told our son, Kylin, several times, over the years, what our names are. My real name is “Elizabeth”, but I’ve gone by “Lisa” for most of my life. So today, Kylin asked me what my middle name was, I told him. He repeated it back adding the “Lisa” to it. So I asked him what my real name was. He thought for a minute and then said, “Mom”. Maybe I need to have my birth certificate changed to reflect his perception of me.

I’m currently watching a videotape that Kevin took earlier today of some local trains having a railroad crossing demonstration. I’m starting to think that my voice is sounding alot like my mother’s. Yikes! When I mentioned that, Heather started to get a little worried that the same would happen to her. I told her, “Behold your future!”

Kylin’s latest responses to the following:
1. When he asks us a question that we don’t know the answer to, or when he asks where something is that we have no idea of it’s whereabouts, he says, “Well you should have known!” or “Your lying”

2. When we tell him that he needs to get his chores or his schoolwork done before he can play, He’ll say, “I’ll do it super sloppy!” (and “super sloppy” has been the reason that my dishes have received more chips in the last month when the dishwasher is unloaded). I finally heard the word “sloppy” way too many times and finally started to take away minutes from his computer/video game time. He’s a bit more aware of when he’s about to say it now and sometimes manages to stop himself, but he does slip up a bit.

The weather is finally nice enough that we can eat outside. Kevin cleaned up the patio, and cleaned up the patio furniture, put up the umbrella, and brought out the cushions. So for the last 3 days, we’ve been having dinner outside. If the nice weather continues, we be doing this every evening.

Kylin’s pretty happy with the warmer weather as it means that he can go outside and play which is a good way for him to burn some energy. Heather is ok with being outside, but she doesn’t play really. She’s happier sitting out in a chair reading her latest find from the library.

So that’s my latest tidbit.



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