A Bang Up and a Birthday

(Originally posted on my old blog on May 22, 2008)

I thought that since I had put in an earlier status message that I was taking care of an injured husband, I should probably elaborate a bit.

This past Sunday afternoon, Kevin went out for a bike ride with a friend. We had had some rather hot weather so Kevin took some water with him. What wound up happening was that after riding for 6 miles, and then resting in the car, he tried to get up and walk and when he did, he passed out, hitting his head on the pavement. He had some short term memory issues and so his friend called me, and I went to pick him up and take him to the ER. The doctor said that he probably had been dehydrated when he fell. Kevin did get a CAT scan and thankfully, there were no major injuries other than a mild concussion. The doctor also said that the memory issues would go away too and by the next day, his memory was much better. After two days to stay home and rest (he was really sore and still is), he’s back at work gaining sympathy for the scratch under his eye and telling folks that I beat him up 😉

Then on Tuesday, our “baby” turned 10. He’ll be the first to tell anyone that he’s not a baby. We have a new Chuck E. Cheese in town and Kylin wanted to have his party there. His party consists of mostly adults, and we discovered later at the party that adults really can’t visit in a restaurant where there are little kids yelling, and screaming and marching around chanting “Chucky, Chucky…..”. Kylin did have a good time. He likes noise. He likes to contribute to noise and has been since he was born. He and Heather played in the arcade and “won” all sorts of little prizes like tattoos and stickers and candy etc. Kevin was hoping that Heather wouldn’t want to go there for her birthday, but she does. So we will probably change the plans to where the adults can come to a more quiet environment, like our house, for the family party and then one of us will take Heather, Kylin and maybe a friend back to the noisy Chuck E. Cheese.


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