The Day After Mother’s Day

(Originally posted on my old blog on May 12, 2008)

I only mark this one as “The Day After Mother’s Day” because I didn’t have a chance to blog yesterday. We had a full day of celebrating and by the time we came home, I was too tired to type.

So, today, I write.

Mother’s Day, at this house started with my husband waking up with a headache, sinus pain and not having slept very well. Yet he crawled out of bed, and took a steamy shower (hoping to relieve his headache) and set out to make Mother’s day happen for me. While he was in the shower, Kylin came in and asked if he could take the next shower and when I told him that he’d have to wait until his sister and I had had ours (due to having to wait an hour between each shower for the water to heat up and that we needed time after washing our hair, to fix it), he had a meltdown and a major conniption fit. So Kevin worked on adjusting that attitude with the boy. After that Kylin said that he’d have a good attitude and wait for his shower. So, all is borderline “well”. Kevin drove down to the store and picked up a Sunday paper and a magazine for me to read while I was going to be confined to my room while he made breakfast. He also stopped at a coffee stand to buy me a delicious vanilla latte. The person at the coffee stand asked him how the day was going so far and he said, “Well I woke up not feeling well, I have a cranky kid and I’m trying to make Mother’s Day nice for my wife!”. So he came home and gave me my reading material and set out to cook breakfast. Trying to judge by the smells coming from the kitchen, I could only guess that maybe he was making an omlet with green peppers (I could definitely smell those) or biscuits & gravy. Finally he arrived with breakfast and the guessing was over. I have fried eggs, vegetarian sausage, O’Brian potatoes and english muffins. He also made homemade “egg McMuffins for the kids. However Heather didn’t like hers because the english muffin was whole wheat. I looked at it later and discovered that she didn’t eat the egg inside either and when I pointed out that she still could have eaten the contents, she said, “I hadn’t thought of that!”. She still didn’t eat it. When I finally came out to the livingroom, there was a flower on my desk and Kevin told me to look out of our front door and I saw the hanging plant that Kevin had put together for me. It was full of dark pink and purple flowers. What I like the most about it was that he put it together himself. Then it was time for Kylin’s shower and he asked me what he could wear. When I pointed out that he could wear his nice yet casual shirts, he had another fit because he wanted to wear a play t-shirt (and they were still drying in the closet. Plus we were going to someone’s house for a family dinner, it wasn’t like I was asking him to wear a suit). He finally dressed and we started hoping that his attitude would be better during the day…………….at someone else’s house.

After we were all showered and spruced up, we headed over to my grandma’s as she was going to join us on the drive to my dad’s in Creswell. On the way, Kevin asked if I had been to my mom’s grave recently. I haven’t in at least two years. It’s been 12 years and by now, going to the cemetery isn’t what it used to be. In the first few years after my mom had passed, I did go more regularly, but now, it’s like I put the flowers in the built in vase and see the headstone that I’ve seen many times and then what else does one do except go home. I didn’t have plans to go yesterday. I may this week because we did have Mother’s day and the cemetery just happens to be where she is.

We picked up my grandma and headed to Creswell. She was happy to spend the afternoon with her children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Of course when my sister and her family arrived, everyone wanted to play with my little nephew. He’s nearly 10 months old and he had changed a bit since we saw him at Easter. Yesterday was also my sister’s 25th birthday. Back when I turned 25, my then 9 year old sister informed me that I was “half of a half of a century old. So, in the last couple of years, I started “training” my daughter to say the same thing to my sister when it was her turn. That came yesterday. My sister was expecting it though. My dad made dinner as usual, but decided to save himself some clean up work and he used paper plates and cups. So he was actually able to sit and visit a bit more rather than being in the kitchen the whole time.

In the early evening, we left my dad’s, we took grandma home (along with two hanging plants from her children), went to the store, picked up pie and ice cream, and went to visit Kevin’s parents. Kevin bought his mother a metal lunch box with pictures of Elvis Presley on it. She loved it! She loves collectibles and music from the 60’s so that gift was just right for her.

We arrived home after 9 and we were so tired. Other folks think that mother’s get the day off to kick back and relax. I don’t think that it’s my turn yet.



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