School Starts…….Next Week For Us

 (Originally posted in my old blog on September 2, 2008)

I decided to postpone the beginning of the school year for us because Kevin is taking this week off as a vacation. When he’s home, it’s just harder to keep a school schedule when he isn’t following any schedule. I do have the first week’s lessons planned out and I have some curriculum ordered that should arrive very soon. So I think that I’m about as ready as I can be.

The weather is finally getting a bit cooler. It can still be sunny, but there is a bit of a chill in the air, which of course excites me, because it’s “fall-ish”, and that means long sleeves, sweaters, jeans, colorful leaves coming, and makes me feel like making soup (potato/cheddar is my favorite).

Recently, Kevin bought a 10 gallon fish tank that he found on Craigslist for $10. Yesterday we went to buy some fish to add to it and wound up needing a heater, new filter, water conditioner and a net. When all was said and done, we wound up spending $$41. About twice as much as what Kevin was expecting to spend. So we named the fish, “Hugh”, “Navarre”, “Dwight” and “Dex”, and an algae eater named “Al”. This morning I was informed that “Navarre” had already died. So once again, the pet I personally pick out winds up dying. Kevin is out running errands and he mentioned wanting to get another fish for me. So maybe if he’s the one choosing it, it’ll live!

This afternoon, I am going to make up some soup to freeze for later lunches and possibly some macaroni & cheese as well. It’ll really depend on if I have enough containers.

So, that is the plan. Hopefully I’ll have no interruptions and I can carry it out.



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