School Has Begun

 (Originally posted in my old blog on September 8, 2008)

We did it. We made it through the first day of school and all of our lessons. I arranged the schedule a bit differently this year in that I had both kids here in the kitchen and I worked with Kylin in getting through his subjects. He was finished in about an hour. Heather who is in 7th grade had all but 3 subjects that needed my undivided attention so I let her wait on those until after lunch, when Kylin went to his room for a couple of hours of “room time” (formerly known as “naptime”). We got through everything except math in the first hour. Her math lesson took up that second hour and she was yawning and telling me how tired she was and just not putting much effort into it. She’d rather stay in her room and read and have “roomtime”. I did remind her that if she were going to a regular school, that she’d be in a class or in P.E. at that very moment, so it’s not like she was the only 7th grader doing schoolwork at that time. I also reminded her that most kids her age also take schoolwork home to work on in the evenings and they are really tired.

Tomorrow, we get to do it all again. Hopefully, there will be less yawning (and just typing about it makes me yawn)

In other news, it looks like I’ll get to be an aunt again! My sister, after confirmation from her doctor, announced that she’s expecting her second child in the spring. Her firstborn just turned one just over a month a go. She is going to be sooooo busy, (at least one year of changing two sets of diapers) but she’ll be happy too.

So anyway, that’s my latest tidbit of news!


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