August 6-The Summer Festivities Are Almost Over

(Originally posted in my old blog on August 6, 2008)

Well just as I was doing the last time I posted, I am enjoying a berry smoothie while I blog! Hot weather just seems to require that treat.

Yesterday, I discovered (and I don’t know why it never occurred to me) why, in the 11 years I’ve lived here, I have rarely seen a hummingbird. I was out side pulling the shade down over the window when I noticed to my left, one of our cats playing with something and I also kept hearing what sounded like a loud squeak. I thought that he had a small mouse (I’ve seen the cats play with one of those recently) and discovered a very small hummingbird. The poor thing was still breathing (barely). So then I started thinking about how we just haven’t seen as many birds as we used to. Then I started thinking how, by setting out bird feeders, I’m really setting up a buffet for the cats. Poor birds!

Heather had her birthday earlier in the week. We planned to have family over for dinner and cake on the evening of her birthday. Kevin was out of town taking a class for work, so I was parenting by myself and getting the house ready for company. It wasn’t that hard this time. Our days stayed busy and we’d hear from Kevin in the evenings. He came home two days before the birthday.

The day before the birthday was spent doing last minute shopping and baking the birthday cake. Then wrapping up the gifts and leaving them on the table for Heather to see when she awoke in the morning. Sure enough, when we got up on Sunday, Heather was already in the livingroom waiting for us so she could see her loot. She was pretty happy with her gifts, but I have a feeling that she sort of knew what she was getting. Either that or kids don’t get that excited when they’re 12. Later in the morning, we took our birthday girl to the mall to get her ears pierced. I think that has been the thing that she’s been looking forward to the most. She was rather anxious because she knew that there would be pain. She made it through, almost cried, and when all was said and done, she had a big smile and earrings in her ears.

So now that the birthdays are over, for a while, we’re taking a few weeks off from doing school. I need the break and the kids do too.



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