Happy Mother’s Day!

IMG_5748 I hope that all of my friends and family who are mothers or are mother figures are having a wonderful Mother’s Day!
For me, Mother’s Day started with me being allowed to sleep in. That being said, I was still the first one awake this morning. So I read a little bit (“Jesus Is___” by Judah Smith). When Kevin woke up, he went downstairs to make the coffee (usually my job every morning) and drove up to the store to buy me a Sunday paper. In the past, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and our birthdays, have meant breakfast in bed for the person being honored. Last year, we changed things up and have been having brunch with my dad and grandma. My dad really likes breakfast, and since our special breakfasts consist of food that he likes, we decided to just make more and invite them over. It’s more personal than going to a restaurant, and we can all visit for as long as we like without waiters or waitresses hovering, wondering when we’ll free up the table for another customer. Today, Kevin was the chef in the kitchen. He donned his “Star Wars” apron, sunglasses and his “Pork Pie” hat (anyone who has watched “Breaking Bad” would recognize it.

"Chef Kevin", armed with a "Pioneer Woman" cookbook and a "Star Wars" apron, ready to cook

“Chef Kevin”, armed with a “Pioneer Woman” cookbook and a “Star Wars” apron, ready to cook

My original plan was to go to church, however, the car is still feeling ill, so I relaxed a bit, and my family blessed me with flowers and new make-up bags (my daughter noticed that I had moved my make up to a box, so she took care of that for me). My dad and grandma arrived after her church services ended. Kevin made a delicious meal of scrambled eggs, homemade fried potatoes with onions and peppers, sausage (both real meat and vegetarian varieties), mixed fruit, and biscuits & gravy. He did an excellent job!
I will just say this. I am very thankful that I still have my grandma to wish a happy Mother’s day! At 95, she’s still able to come and spend time with us and feel loved and honored. She has been a wonderful mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother to all of us.
My own mother may not be here, but she is not forgotten. I love and remember her daily. Also, Happy Mother’s Day to all of women who have been mother figures in my life! You have given your prayers, wisdom, and advice when my own mother cannot and I appreciate you!

Happy Mother’s Day!!


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