Snow Day!!

Here in Oregon, we have maybe one good snow per year.  Sometimes it lasts until noon of the same day that it arrived.  Sometimes it lasts more than a day.  We’ve been teased on occasion, by folks in other states, where they have snow more often and for longer periods of time, because here in Oregon, if we are told that an inch of snow is coming, we tend to stay home.    There tend to be mad dashes to the store for those important items like bread, milk, cereal and toilet paper (I did go grocery shopping yesterday, but with more added to that list, like).  Then when the snow does arrive, we get about an inch of it, and kids will get up earlier and easier than usual to listen to the radio for any news of school closures.  I’m not mocking!  I’ve seen it happen and even did it myself when I was a kid.

I will admit, that I am not a big fan of snow.  Because we don’t have it as often, we really don’t have the opportunities to practice and gain the experience needed to drive well in the snow.  We also don’t have all of the snow equipment to clear the streets as you would find in, say, those states and countries that have snow for several weeks.   I am one of those with limited experience driving in the snow (and those few times unnerved me a bit) so I tend to let Kevin drive.

In the early morning hours, the snow came.   When my alarm went off at 6:30AM, I woke up to the DJ talking about school closures.  I looked outside my bedroom window to see the back yard covered in snow!  Then I went into my daughter’s room to look out of her window to see the driveway.  Plenty of snow.  I whispered to her that it was snowing and she mumbled something and kept sleeping (much like I did at her age when my mom would literally bound into my room, open my curtains and say loudly, “IT’S SNOWING!!!!)  Then I went downstairs (and it was still dark) to open the front door and see the snow close up.   Then I went for my camera and snapped a few pictures, because, that’s what I do.

Our back yard

Our back yard

Front porch

Front porch









I’m not overly excited about snow because it can keep one housebound, but on the other hand, it’s pretty, and makes the world outside peaceful (as long as you don’t live near a busy street).

Our little quiet neighborhood

Our little quiet neighborhood

Since I also homeschool, one might assume that we don’t have snow days because, the snow is not preventing my kids from getting to school.  My kids don’t really play in the snow anymore, however, it’s just an unwritten rule amongst kids that when there is snow, and other schools are closed for snow, then homeschooled kids get the day off too.  That being said, Kylin did go outside for a few minutes, to set up scenes in the snow with toy Polar bears so that he could take pictures of them.  IMG_5308





Happy Snow Day!




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