IMG_5234This year’s Thanksgiving deviated a bit from tradition in that we celebrated at our home, just the four of us.

Our car was having issues (which turned out to be the fuel pump needing to be replaced).  Driving the car was inadvisable.  Also, Kevin was experiencing severe back pain (which turned out to be a herniated disc) making traveling the half hour to my dad’s a painful trip.

I felt bad for not being able to see my dad and grandma this year, but the above issues really didn’t allow it.

So, I made dinner at home.

Heather made her favorite side dish, deviled eggs

Heather made her favorite side dish, deviled eggs                   










I probably made too much food for the four of us, but, it was sooo good!






Apple and Pumpkin pies!

Apple and Pumpkin pies!









As you can see, there is no sign of a turkey in my photos as we don’t eat meat here.  It’s been so long since I’ve cooked a turkey, I don’t even remember how to do it!  I think that the last one I cooked, was when I was about 21 and still living with my mother and step-father.  Instead of turkey, we eat Morningstar “Chik’n” patties (for anyone wondering if we’re getting enough protein).

The mashed potatoes were made from my grandma’s recipe.  There’s a lot of cream cheese and whipping cream in that batch!  Probably not Weight Watchers approved, but Ooooooooo so good!

The stuffing is a recipe that my mother gave me and Kevin loves it.  I always make some for the meal, and some to freeze for Kevin to snack on later.  Delicious!

After a very filling meal, we relaxed with movies.   Well, my husband and kids relaxed after cleaning up the kitchen.

Thank you Family!




























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