A Productive Day

It’s been 5 days since my Kevin’s surgery, and we’re still staying close to home.  He’s slowly starting to talk again, but he still has a lot of pain.   I think we’re starting to see why tonsillectomies were done on children years ago.  All they would remember is that they ate a lot of ice cream.  So far, Kevin hasn’t had any ice cream (that I’m aware of).  He would rather have macaroni and cheese or scrambled eggs, and sometimes, chocolate pudding.  He naps off and on during the day as well.  One really noticeable difference is that his snoring is nearly gone, and he’s noticed that he hasn’t really had any sinus congestion.  So hopefully, when he’s completely healed, he’ll be able to say that this ordeal was totally worth it.

While he’s been recovering, I’ve been staying close to home for the most part.  I did take Heather to a department/grocery store a couple of days ago, and today, I made a trip to the pharmacy for a refill on pain meds.   In the evening, we’ve been catching Heather up on several of the movies that Kevin and I saw when we were about her age.  So far, she’s seen “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” (I told her to not get any ideas from that movie, lol).   I had forgotten just how much swearing was in there.  It’s not like the kids have never heard swearing, but it does make a parent squirm in their seat when it’s in a movie we’re promoting.  At one point, someone in the movie used a swear word to insult another guy, and Kylin said, “That means that he doesn’t like him”.  Ummm, yeah, that pretty much is true.   Yesterday, we introduced her to “Dumb & Dumber” to which she said, “That’s pretty messed up!”   Tonight, she’s watching “Big” with Tom Hanks.   We also watched “The Hobbit” which she had received for her birthday.   She’s also started getting into “The Office” whenever her dad isn’t watching “House” during his recovery.

So on today’s agenda, was to chop up some ingredients for future meals.  IMG_4615We had a few days during this past week, where we actually had cloudy skies and rain (and thunderstorms in some areas).  That kind of weather tends to put me in the mood to make soups or casseroles or stews.   However, if I mention soup or stew in August, Kylin will start worrying.  He doesn’t like soup or stew and I sort of set the time for when it’s appropriate.  So if I make any of those dishes outside of the appropriate season, it throws him off and he may get upset, or I may get a lecture on how I shouldn’t deviate from the appropriate seasonal menu (then he gets the reminder that he needs to be flexible, and that’s another half hour discussion).  Anyway, I worked at the cutting board while Kevin was napping and the kids were relaxing in their rooms, allowing me the movie of my choice, which was “Steel Magnolias”.   By the end of the movie, I had most of the ingredients prepped for at least 4 meals.  So it was a productive afternoon, and I did my best to hold back the tears through the onions and the movie.

Now I can’t wait for that cooler weather, so I can make some of these dishes!IMG_4616

Happy Monday!




  1. Wow, you are so good to be planning ahead like that! You must have a lot of freezer space. Great idea though, to have all the ingredients handy like that.

  2. Sounds like a good “productive” day. What might be the type of stew or soup the ingredients going to be used for? I like chili and potato soup, just saying.

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