All during the month of November, several of my friends and family on Facebook have posted something that they are thankful for every day.   I haven’t done that.  I’m thankful for many things and many people, however, when it comes to Facebook lately, I don’t feel like participating in latest phase/game.  I might feel differently next year.

On this rainy day, however, I will list a few things that I’m thankful for.

I am thankful to have a home to live in, so that on days where the weather is extremely wet and windy, my family and I are warm and dry (and that my kids have hot cocoa mix for days like this).






I’m sure that my husband was very thankful to have taken the car today, thus saving him from getting drenched at the bus stop.







I’m thankful that the weatherman said that tomorrow is supposed to be dry, so driving to my dad’s house shouldn’t be as hazardous tomorrow (and I’m thankful to have family to spend the holidays with).

Happy Thanksgiving!




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  1. Isn’t it great we have SO much to be grateful for? I too do not participate in the ’30 days of thankfulness’ on FB, I feel like I’m just doing it for others because it’s what everyone else is doing. You know? 365 days a year I am thankful with ALL GOD has blessed me & my family with, I also think it means more to tell that person to their face I love and appreciate them, rather than follow the latest phase on FB. I am thankful for our friendship Lisa, that we’ve remained close since HS, and always love our get together’s, speaking of we’re due soon right?

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