Indoor Life

We aren’t the only ones who are adjusting to our new surroundings.  We have cats who are adjusting as well.  Adjusting to having to be in the garage or inside the house for a while so they can become acclimated to the scents of the house, so hopefully, when they go outdoors, they won’t wander off.  They are currently not very happy about this arrangement.   They are “outdoorsy”, especially at this time of year.

They look out of the windows and wonder, “Why can’t I go outside?” “I saw a chicken walk by and I would love to check it out!”

So all they really can do while indoors, is eat, sleep, do their “business” and bathe.  The last on that list is usually done in the presence of family.   Then they are offended if you notice, or at least they look peeved.  “A little privacy please!   And I’m going to confiscate your camera if you don’t put it away!”


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