We Made It!

We are completely moved!

The days leading up to the move were rather stressful, more stressful than what we usually experience when we move.  First, there was the possibility that we would be moving to Kansas.  We were a week away from moving day when Kevin flew out to Kansas for an interview.  While there, he saw a few red flags in that situation that convinced him, that moving the family to Kansas for this particular job, wouldn’t be a good idea.  My teenage daughter was so relieved!

Our moving day was scheduled for last Wednesday.  We had a 26ft moving truck rented.  We had arranged for help for that day.  We were ready!

We had planned to sign the lease for the house on Tuesday, in the early evening.  However, at that time, we wound up in the ER as Kevin was in a lot of pain (and as things usually go for us, when we finally decide to go to the ER, the pain or ill feeling, lessens and then we feel we’re taking up a nurse’s valuable time).  I was getting very concerned because we had to be out of our house (and have it cleaned) by Saturday, and I wasn’t so sure that I would be able to drive that moving truck.   After a CT Scan revealed that Kevin was dealing with a kidney stone, he was given some meds and was discharged.  By the time we arrived at our new landlord’s home to sign the lease, it was 9:30 PM.   However, by the time we went to bed, Kevin was feeling no pain and the plan for moving day was going forward.

The move itself took longer than we had anticipated and we made more trips between homes and needed one more day with that truck than we thought we’d need to.   Thankfully, we have several good friends who came out to help on both of those days.   To our new neighbors, I apologize for how loud our piano was as we rolled it across the asphalt driveway and into the house, when it was nearly midnight.

By midnight on Friday, we were out, and the house was spotless.

So now we’re in the new house.  Adjustments are needing to be made as we unpack.  Especially in the kitchen.  My new kitchen doesn’t quite have the square footage or the storage space that the previous one did.  Especially in the pantry.  So we’re improvising until we can get some shelves set up in the garage (which we can’t do until I unpack several more boxes out there.

Two days ago, I finally found our coffee grinder (after Kevin had bought a replacement and we had used it) and our silverware.   They were in a box labeled “Kitchen, Open First”, which I found under a few other boxes in the garage.  For the next move, I’ll carry that coffee grinder in my purse!

Slowly, things are coming together, and the house is starting to look normal.

Just a pic of how unpacking is going.

Believe it or not, this room looks better than it did a few days ago, when it was filled with these boxes and bookshelves and dressers.

Hopefully, this will be cleared out by Friday.  My sister-in-law is coming this weekend and I’d like to be able to offer her a place to sit.



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