Settling Back Into A “Normal” Routine

I use quotation marks in my title because “normal” changes every so often.

This past week has been busy (I say that a lot, don’t I?).

Last weekend, was the beginning of “Birthday week” in our family.  My sister had a birthday on Friday (no party) and my youngest nephew (in the red shirt) had his birthday on Saturday (complete with a “Spiderman” party).   Heather spent most of the time at the party, taking her little cousins to the game room, and riding with them on the Merry-go-round.   She loves them and they think she’s their buddy, meant to keep them entertained.  She doesn’t mind.

After the party, we went straight to church, where she was scheduled to work with the 2 & 3 year olds during the service.  She slept very well that night!




Last Sunday was Mother’s day.  That day started with coffee and the newspaper







Breakfast served in bed







Gifts (this was from my husband, and my kids gave me things from Bath & Body Works, and chocolate covered Espresso beans……….and that last gift is gone……….very delicious!)






& flowers






After lunch, we went to wish Kevin’s mother a happy Mother’s Day.  Kevin’s sister lives in Texas and because she wasn’t able to fly up for a visit, she sent us a card to take to her.  Kevin’s mother has Alzheimer’s Disease and is now in a memory care facility.  For this recent visit, the caregivers dressed her up a bit and put a flower in her hair.  As soon as she saw Kevin, she was “dancing” in her wheelchair.  She doesn’t remember his name, but she knows that she knows him and she’s happy to see him.   The day was sunny and rather warm , so the caregivers put a hat on her while we were outside.

After Mother’s Day, came Election Day.  Since Kevin was running for mayor, this election had extra meaning for us.  A campaign involving many nights of campaign meetings, stuffing envelopes with letters asking for campaign contributions,  introducing ones self at neighborhood meetings and clubs, forums and debates, and in the last week or two, standing on street corners during rush-hour holding campaign signs (which meant a lot of nights of the kids not having me cook their dinner and making veggie burgers, nachos or quesadillas for dinner………..seriously, that is what they wanted to eat).    After all of that, the incumbent won.  Kevin did garnish nearly 29% of the vote, which is really good for someone running for the first time.   We had our election party at a local pizza parlour and watched the election results there.

Since the election, our evenings have been free, to relax, and start thinking of new goals to work toward.

The next event was our son’s 14th birthday.  The day started with gifts at breakfast (and breakfast consisted of donuts).  Then, since the boy had not shaved since New Year’s Eve, he wanted to be clean-shaven for his birthday.    I think that this time we sort of humored him as the peach fuzz that was shaved off on New Year’s Eve, really hadn’t grown back, at least not much.






Later in the day, we met my dad, grandma, sister and nephews for the boy’s Birthday party.  The theme was “CARS 2”.

Part of me wonders at times,  when he’s 20…..or 40, if he’ll still want PIXAR or cartoon character themed parties.

I don’t mind 🙂



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