Monday is for Catching up

So, another weekend has passed rather too quickly.  Ours was filled with going door-to-door to campaign (Kevin & the boy), a wedding and church (me and the girl), and campaign “strategizing”.  The Primary is in two weeks, the ballots have been mailed out (Oregon voted for “vote-by-mail” several years ago, though I do miss going to the local school and voting in a booth).    I wouldn’t be surprised if all of the candidates go out of town for a break after the election.    Running for office leaves very little room for family time.

So, As I posted above, Monday is our “catch-up” day.  We haven’t been having school on Mondays this year as it seems that Monday is the day that we clean up and catch up after the weekend.   So we catch up on laundry, dishes, any kind of clean up of anything left out over the weekend, correspondence, blogging, etc.

I thought that I would share some of the things we’ve been doing in the past few months that I hadn’t really had the time to chat about.

These are my friends, Brenda & Carrie.  We first met in our church youth group (I actually met Carrie earlier at a church camp)  years, and years ago, and have kept connected with each other over the years.  Now that we’re all busy wives and mothers, time to get together and chat is more of an effort.  So we had lunch on a recent Saturday at an Asian restaurant with a view of the water and the ducks and other waterfowl that congregate there.   Brenda is a photographer (She’s on my list of photographers, BGE Photography), and she and I both brought our cameras along to take pictures after lunch.




Then, we went to a classic car show at the Fairgrounds.  “Mater” from “CARS” was going to be there and my son is a big fan of that movie.  There were several other “souped” up cars, trucks and motorcycles as well.  I post the picture of the Impala as that was my first car (though mine was a ’76).   A car show is also a good way to pass a rainy afternoon.





Then, Kevin had an interview regarding his run for office.  His interviewer has his own show on Youtube, so he tapes in a room that also serves as a model train room and display area.  So while the interview was being taped, I took pictures of the displays which included this colorful display of insulators .






Nearly a month ago, Kevin took part in a candidate’s forum with the incumbent and the other opponent.  This was recorded and rebroadcast on tv and radio.  He bought some dressier clothes (he had been wearing polos, shorts and a wool cap until now.  However, something a bit dressier was called for this time).

Let’s just say this.   HE TOTALLY ROCKED THE FORUM!





…….and he was on tv………….again.







As election day approaches, one needs to keep their name fresh in the mind of the public.  So, we had a banner made, and stood on walkways over busy street, highways and street corners and waved to the rush hour traffic (more folks honked than, ahem, “saluted”)






Finally, we had a fairly nice morning, so the kids and I took a walk to the park.   I brought the camera along.







The kids felt that I was slowing them down because “Mom’s taking another picture”.



But, hey, I like to take pictures




………..especially when flowers are in bloom and colorful







Never too old for the playground












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  1. Great post, love all your pictures, what a surprise! And good job at pulling a ‘sneaky’, lol!At least it’s a good pic of us! Our friendship means a lot to me, we’ve known each other a very long time and look forward to many more!love ya!

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