Moving Day Approaches!

 (Originally posted on my old blog, February 18, 2011)

Well, in reality, it came and went…………nearly a week ago.

But I thought I’d recap the events, just not all in one post.

Last Friday

We signed the papers, got the keys to the house, and rented a U-Haul.  I would never, ever want to work at a U-Haul center.  Those trucks were parked sooooo close together, and I was amazed that the employees could drive them out onto the lot without scratching the trucks on either side.
They follow the “6-inch rule” very well!

We took the U-Haul home, much to our son’s delight (he had been talking about U-Haul’s and drawing pictures of them for at least a week, so he was thrilled to see a “real life” one in our driveway.  We loaded up the couches and dining room furniture and as many boxes and containers as the truck would hold, and took them to the new house.  As you can see, the boy is resting in the new living room, tired from all of the excitement (and possibly because it was after 10PM).

Our new dining area, which we fully intend to eat all of our meals in (the rest of the house has carpet, and I’d like to avoid as much food spillage as possible. There is definitely more room to get around.   Breathing a sigh of relief!

Take a look at those shelves!  I’ve never had a cupboard with shelves that swung out.  How convenient!

So that was Friday………..

I’m still unpacking and we still have a storage unit to empty out, but I will try to post more later.



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