Happy New Year

(Originally posted on my old log, January 8, 2011)

I hope that everyone had a safe & happy new year’s celebration!

I asked what everyone wanted for NYE snacks and Heather asked for Oreos and Nutter Butters.  To her, that would be adequate.  We also bought a tray of cut veggies, which we wound up not eating.   In the past, we’ve had things for dipping into a fondue, however, since Kevin has switched to a vegan diet, we didn’t do that.  On top of that, I wound up coming down with a fever and napping for 3 hours in the late afternoon, and that necessitated just getting a pizza.

Just a little humor from our New Year’s Eve.  We had some Martinelli’s sparkling apple-grape juice to ring in the new year with.  However, my son refused to have any, because it’s an “alcohol wanna-be” and he’s planning to never drink alcohol (Momma has such a good boy!).

Here’s to a happy & healthy new year, and praying for good things!



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