Who, me? Apologize?

 (Originally posted on my old blog, July 30, 2010)

Yesterday, my son spent the latter half of the morning playing with his model train set, out in the garage.  It provides a quieter home for the rest of us when he does that.

(I realize that I’ve used this photo before, but he’s wearing the same shirt as he did yesterday and he is playing with the trains!)

So at lunch time, I fixed their chicken burger sandwiches and set the lunch on the table.  I called out to the garage to let the young engineer know that his lunch was ready.  Normally, he’d say, “coming” and be at the table in no time.  Not this time.  No, this time I was told, “I’ll be there in awhile”.  So I said that he needed to come to the table right now, before his lunch is cold (which would bring on complaining if that happened).  So he reluctantly comes in and sits down, and then asks me, “Mom, have you apologized for interrupting what I was doing?”

Uh, no, I make no apologies for refusing to starve my kid!



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