Our Furry Family Members Part 2: Aslan

(originally posted to my old blog on January 22, 2010)

I had intended to post a blog about one of our cats every Thursday, however, with the holidays, I was busy.  So this brief entry is about the second cat we acquired, Aslan.

Soon after we had acquired “Paws”,  my husband decided that he wanted a cat of his own.   So one Saturday afternoon, he checked the classifieds for a kitten.  He found one way out in the country about an hour drive from our house.  The lady who was giving him away had several other kittens and cats and her house smelled like it.  This particular kitten, Kevin chose and since he had been allowed to run around a lot outside, he was kind of wild.    So we brought home this wild kitten, and introduced him to Paws.  As to be expected, there was a lot of hissing between the two.  It lasted for about a week.  While this was going on, we tried to find a name for him.  The choices were narrowed down to “Aslan” and “Maverick”.  Obviously, “Aslan” won.
To this day, he is still a “wildish” cat.  The only time he looks relaxed, is when he’s asleep.    Every waking moment he has the wide eyed, wild expression.    As for being Kevin’s cat, he actually likes and has bonded with Heather more (and Kevin has bonded with Heather’s cat ).

This cat has several nicknames.  “Az”, “Spaz”, “Azzie Wazzie” (to name a few).  However the oddest name was given by our son.  He started calling the cat “Mr. Dodie”.  On my mother’s side of the family, “dodie” was something that you did in the bathroom.  It was what my Scottish grandmother (who didn’t have an accent) called it because it’s what her Scottish mother (who did have an accent) called it, and it’s what we taught our kids to call it (it sounded less crude).   After awhile,  my son just started using the crude name and now calls this poor clean cat, “Mr. Poop”.


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