I Love………

(originally posted on my old blog on February 14, 2010)

I had noticed earlier this week while reading “The Pioneer Woman’s” blog, that she had made a list of the things she loved, for Valentine’s day.  So I thought I’d do the same (it can’t hurt and it’s something to blog about).
1. Jesus (of course, and if you’ve read my posts in the past and didn’t know I was a Christian, you do now.  Mystery solved).
2.My Husband(who made breakfast this morning, and bought me a latte)
3.My Kids(who bring joy and entertainment and revelations to my life)
4.My family and extended family
5.”Steel Magnolias”
6. Chocolate!
7. Yumm Sauce!
8. My church
9. My Friends
10. “Anne of Green Gables”(I would love to live in Canada in the Fall)
11. Fall and Spring
12. Photography
13. Fettucine Alfredo with Chicken
14.Roses & Tulips
15. Purple, Blue, Red, Black
16. Coffee
17. Date nights (anytime alone with my hubby is great!)
18.  Sci-Fi movies
19.  Funny romantic movies (some of them)
20. Shopping for clothes
21. the beach
22. Road trips!
23. Mint chocolate chip ice cream
25. family history
26.  sweaters
27. biographies & autobiographies
28. Home decorating magazines
29. being at my grandma’s house
30. parades
31. marching bands
32.. bluegrass music
33. 80’s music
34. steak & potatoes
35. hot showers
I’m sure that there are more that will come to mind after I publish this.

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