Baked Potatoes in the Crock Pot

  (originally posted on my old blog on April 30, 2010)

I’ve had a craving for baked potatoes and remembering that my mom & step-father made them years ago in the crock pot, I thought I’d try it.

So here is my crock pot.  Obviously not a current one with no sign of stainless steel or white ceramic.  This was actually my grandparents’ crock pot, which they bought when I was about 4 or 5, however it still works as if it were new.    I’ve been married for nearly 15 years, however the first time I actually used it was last Christmas to keep scrambled eggs warm for brunch.

Then here are my bag of potatoes.  I don’t buy the large bakers in bulk because that is just way too much potato when one includes and toppings and/or sides……… least it is for us.

Then we have our selection of potatoes.  We only need a small amount, because our last name isn’t Duggar (by the way, I love their show!).

First of all, it’s always good to wash the potatoes (and I realize that I’m not talking to novices).  I used a dish towel because I currently don’t have a vegetable brush.  So that’s on the shopping list for next payday and I can go to our local kitchen & garden store (or as my daughter calls it “The Hippie Store”) for a really good one.

Next, prick your potatoes all over with a fork.  If you don’t, you’ll have mashed potatoes………on your ceiling.

……a bit of foil……

Well, I think you know where I’m heading here……..

That’s right, wrap them up like a present…………

Place them in the crock pot, put the lid on, and ………….

cook on “High” for 2 1/2 -4 hours.

Everyone except my son really liked the potatoes (my son isn’t really a potato fan, and he’s really particular about what he eats……even after a “try-me” bite).

So that’s my story of introducing the crock pot into my meal preparation.  I found a couple of websites with scads of recipes that I’m interested in trying (one site even has a recipe for making playdough in it.  At this time, there’s not a high demand for playdough here).



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