Back to the Daily Routine

(originally posted on my old blog on January 4, 2010)
Today was the day!  The day that we start using the alarm again on a daily basis.  Kevin went back to work after a week-long vacation.  The kids and I started school again.  I can’t say that anyone was enthusiastic about the return to routine, but, it is what it is.  We can’t sit or lay on the couch forever, watching our favorite shows or spending every available minute on Facebook.

Part of the routine, that I needed to restart, was walking daily.  “Chocolate season” started at the end of October and then “family dinner” season (which has a lot of food, and delicious desserts) added to that, and I stopped walking and it’s noticeable (to me, if not to anyone else).   So, this morning, we put on our warm coats, and set out to walk around our neighborhood…..

So we set off…Heather shivering and wanting to be inside, and Kylin, pointing out every car (make and model) to us.
Kylin brought along his “whip”.  It’s made from the hoses of a toy fire truck, hooked together and taped in place with mailing tape and painter’s tape.  He rarely leaves home without it.   I’m not sure if this is all that common for autistic kids, but it works for him almost like a pacifier works for a baby.
  This cover, meant to keep folks from falling into this square hole, was actually so slick, that I slipped and fell on my knee.  Notice the smirking smile already there for any adult who trips or slips because of it’s presence!
 As we were approaching the end of the street, Kylin pointed to the field across the road (with his whip, which also serves as a pointer) and said, “Mom! That’s rural over there!”
It’s starting to get a bit windy and we’re starting to feel a few rain drops.  Heather is getting a bit cold, and so is her mother.
 Back in the house, where it’s warm.  Time for “book learnin'”.  Normally, I’d have them sitting at the kitchen table, however……
 My table is currently in service as the place to put all of the Christmas decorations before I put them away 🙂

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