My Son’s 911 Incident

(Originally posted on my old blog on June 3, 2009)

Here’s something funny that happened today. Kylin didn’t want to go to church tonight. In the past, if he doesn’t want to do something, he’ll threaten to call the police or call 911 (and we have told him every time that cops aren’t going to come and let him skip school, or make his sister do what he wants etc). So today, he dialed 911 on his cell phones, that have no service. He didn’t know that even cell phones with no service can still call 911 (and I didn’t realize that he was doing so). So a little after 5:00 this evening, a Lane County Sheriff’s deputy showed up at our door investigating 8 incomplete 911 calls coming from our house. I called Kylin to the door and asked if he had called 911. He said that he did so the car would be towed and then we wouldn’t be able to go to church. Having a cop show up at the door sort of scared him I think. The officer told him that calling 911 when it wasn’t an emergency was a crime. Kylin was a bit shaken up after that (a real cop showed up at the house and seriously spoke to him!) and he was very mellow and cooperative the rest of the night!. And we did go to church. He is embarrassed about it now and doesn’t want us talking about it. I told Kevin about it when he came home this evening and he thought it was really funny. I had to fight off the giggles in the car driving to church!


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