Busy, Busy, Busy July

 (Originally posted on my old blog on July 10, 2009)

So Summer arrived without much fanfare, at least not here. We’re still having some school during the summer so the kids won’t have a harder time getting into a routine in the fall. Heather leaves for a week of camp in just over one week. It’ll be a quiet week here. I’ll miss her and Kylin will too. For as much as Kylin gets easily annoyed with his older sister, he does miss her when she’s gone. On the other hand, Heather is very excited. She has a whole week of fun and no interference by her brother.

We recently had Kylin tested to see where his strengths and weaknesses (in behavior, academic and intellect). It’s called an SOI (Structure of Intellect). He scored extremely high in art and drawing (we knew he would). There are some exercises (Sensory Integration) that we were given to work with him on so as to stimulate his brain to make some connections that it hadn’t been. The first one that I tried on him was pretty much like massaging his hands. He was in a sour mood to start with, and he wanted me to “be done”, but at the same time, his eyelids were drooping. He was calm for at least an hour. Maybe I should massage his hands just before he goes to bed. Maybe he’ll get to sleep quicker!

Something that I thought I’d do, since we have a trip to Crater Lake coming up and alot to do before that trip, is to put my “to do” list on my blog (everytime I write one down on paper, it gets lost or else someone throws it away).

So, here it goes:

-Make reservations, and send invites & order a cake for Heather’s birthday party
-Get a gift ready for Nephew #1 (he’s turning 2 near the end of this month)
-Finish shopping for Heather’s birthday and for her week at camp
-Purge broken or neglected toys out of the kids rooms
-Sort through older magazines & donate to friends or the library
-Buy or make valences for the dining room & kitchen

-Paint dining room & kitchen
-harvest and preserve the produce from the garden
-Clean out garage
-A trip or two to the Goodwill to donate
-Make a new school schedule for the new school year
-Make lesson plans for the Fall semester
-Get cooler cleaned and ready to hold snacks & beverages for the trip
-Shop for snacks for trip
-Gather some DVD’s for the mini player (which the kids will be more interested in while traveling)
-Pack, pack, pack

This list is more or less a list of goals for me before the summer is over. Some things (like the painting) may not happen until after we get home. My husband has been not feeling well for the past 3 weeks, so I’ve been a bit busier taking care of my own chores as well as some of the ones he’d normally be doing. He’s been to the doctor (actually 2 so far) who gave him some meds. I hope that they work. It’s a bummer to spend your summer feeling sick.

So that’s really the end of my report. I’m off to cut out some fabric to make more pj’s for the kids!



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