January 15, 2009

(I would normally share when I originally posted this blog, but the title is self explanatory)

It’s nearly 2 1/2 weeks into the new year. We’re back on our “schedule”. School is back in full swing. As I’m typing, my son is giving me the verbal inventory of his CARS collection (it’s not the first time I’ve heard it either). My church is doing a “Daniel Fast” which means that we are fasting caffeine (missing my coffee), meat (not a problem right now as I’m a vegetarian) sugar (really missing this too), cutting back on tv etc. So far, one week into it, we’re doing alright. At the beginning of the fast, my husband (who is not participating) offered to buy me a coffee (and I let him, it was my last one) and then made a joke about being the little devil on my shoulder trying to tempt me into breaking the fast. Before anyone might possibly get offended by his doing that, he was joking. In the past, he’s been rather understanding and has never intentionally tried to get me to break the fast.

The table and chairs that I mentioned in my last post have arrived. They are sooooo nice and they were so well taken care of that they seem practically new.

I discovered that I like Hummus this week. I was at a ladies Bible study and one of the snacks that was brought had it. Very tasty!

On a lighter note, at 9AM today when I announced that it was time for school to start, my son was rather distressed because his clock was about 5 minutes behind so he thought that I should wait for school until his clock read 9:00. He said that the other clocks in the house were experiencing “technical difficulties”.



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