Happy New Year!! Welcome 2009!!

(Originally posted on my old blog on January 1, 2009)

So, the first full day of the new year is nearly over. The 3 packages of cookies (chocolate stuffed Oreos, Nutter Butters, and Keibler Grasshopper cookies) are now gone (hallelujah! no longer a temptation to snack on!), the Christmas decorations are packed away and the tree is out. Our dining area (where the tree was) looks rather empty……for now (my father-in-law is giving us his dining room table as he’s getting a new one, and as soon as he finds out that our tree is down, he’ll bring it over).

New Years Eve seemed to be rather long. Maybe it was because this year, we told the kids that they could stay up until midnight. They were very excited and had certain foods that they wanted to snack on (hence the cookies!). We thought we’d try a cheese fondue this year as well (Kylin reminded me that he didn’t want to dip anything in cheese sauce……he has issues with sauces on his food……except for macaroni & cheese). I also made some artichoke dip (very close to what serve at the Olive Garden). Kevin declared it very tasty. The kids chose the movies to watch. By 9PM I was beginning to wonder how wise it was to let my son stay up so late. Kevin and I were already tired and Kylin was pretty sugared up and busy. Kevin took a nap at some point and I read a book until about 11. From then on, we watched Dick Clark’s New Year’s eve special and the kids watched the ball drop in Times Square.

We had hoped that the kids would sleep in this morning. I think they managed to sleep until 8. We would have liked for them to sleep in longer, so we could sleep in longer. We have 2 more days to sleep in (I can’t on Sunday), and then Kevin’s vacation is over, he goes back to work and the kids start school back up again. This “vacation” of Kevin’s was so busy that it really doesn’t feel like we had one. Maybe the next time he has vacation time, we can relax a bit more.

On another note, my desk seems to be the place for the cats to take naps. As I’m typing, I have one cat snoozing on my monitor, with her tail swishing across the screen, and another cat who is snoozing so close to my mouse, that when I’m using the mouse, the cat decides to rest his head on my hand like it’s a pillow. I’m not a huge cat fan, but I tolerate these “rugs”. They are a bit entertaining at times.



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