Thanksgiving, and the goings on afterward…..

(Originally posted on my old blog on November 29, 2008)

Thanksgiving has come and gone rather quickly. Christmas is just around the corner. The kids keep lamenting how slow it is in coming, but I’m lamenting on how fast the time is flying and hoping that I’ll be ready in time.

Our week was off to a rather sad start. My mother-in-law, who has Alzheimer’s, was moved to a care facility on Monday. She was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s about 2 years ago (as I was writing this, I asked my husband how long ago it was that she had been diagnosed, and his reply was “I forgot”. Yes, we did have a brief chuckle about that). We’ve tried to help my father-in-law out by staying with her on Fridays. My husband and I took turns, so every other Friday, she was with one of us. Now it looks like we’ll be visiting her on Fridays, and another other day that we can.

For Thanksgiving, we went to my dad’s, as we have for at least 11 or 12 years. My little nephew was there too. He’s walking now, which means that he’s more interested in everything that my dad has around the house and wants to touch it. His parents were saying “No” alot because my dad’s house isn’t baby/toddler proofed. Eventually, my nephew was frustrated with the limitations, not having anything to play with really and he was due for a nap. So my sister and brother-in-law rushed through their dessert and left. They were going to the other grandparents’ house and fortunately for them, my nephew had mellowed out by the time they got there. Plus there were little cousins for him to play with there. Hearing all of his fussing at my dad’s house though, made my husband very glad that our kids were not that age and no longer in that stage of life.

After leaving my dad’s, we came back into town and visited my mother-in-law at her new home. She was really happy to see us (especially my husband). We visited for about an hour. We were able to check out the facility and see her room and the courtyard. It’s a really nice place. The kids drew some pictures for their grandma so she could hang them in her room. The ladies that worked there brought out a game for the kids to play with so they wouldn’t be bored. So it was a good visit, yet a difficult one. No one wants to see this happen to their parents and it’s hard when it does happen, and in this way. I can’t really understand what my husband is dealing with, really. When my own mother died (from cancer), I had less two weeks notice really that it was going to happen, and when it did, it was sudden. Alzheimer’s is just cruel and slow. For now, we’re grateful that my mother-in-law remembers us (not our names, but she knows who we are), and we plan to visit as often as we can with the kids (though I think that my husband plans to visit daily).

Anyway, on Friday, I did not get up before the sun to catch the sales. The tradition we have is to put away the fall decorations and get out the Christmas ones (I think that I have about 9 Rubbermaid containters of them now…..time to purge them maybe?). My husband cleans up the front yard, and gets all of the lights (I think we counted about 8 containers of them) and starts planning the “outdoor illumination”. Today, he spent most of the day outside and was even up on the roof. He’ll probably be out putting up lights tomorrow too. Yes, it’s that time of year, where the lights will come on at dusk, and during that time, we won’t be able to use any hairdryers or vacuum cleaners (we know our limitations during the Christmas season, from experience).

So that is all for now,


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