Day 3 of Snow

(Originally posted on my old blog on December 17, 2008)

We’re sort of in a lull between snowfall sessions. It’s still very cold outside. More snow is supposed to arrive in a couple of hours with freezing rain this afternoon and then more snow this evening. The weather guy also commented that we could have a white Christmas after all. I just hope that the roads are safe to drive on by then.

Another concern that we have about this weather is that one of our cats never came in last night. Kevin went out to look for him and he never turned up. So hopefully little Emmett found a warm place to spend the night. He loves the outdoors but he usually comes in at night. Hopefully he’ll turn up today.

Since we knew this freezing rain was coming, Kevin braved the roads and made a store run for things to get us by in case we were housebound for more than a couple of days.

Even though other kids are having no school or delayed school, my kids are still having school today. One of the perks of homeschooling. Unless they’re sick, they shouldn’t have a problem getting to school (the kitchen table or tv trays in the living room).

On another note, I cut and paste my blog on 3 other sites. Someone had commented about yesterday’s blog and had asked me if as I had gotten older, did I wish that I had had more children, as that’s how she was feeling at having just turned 39 and had two older kids. Since she posted anonymously and I couldn’t find her blog page to answer her, I’ll answer in this general blog here, and hope that she sees it. So, yes, I do wish that I had more children. I’m very thankful for the two that I have, but one of those dreams that had died for me was to have a larger family. I was an only child for most of my childhood (my sister came along when I was nearly 15, quite a large age difference there) and I didn’t care for not having siblings. After my second child, we had two more opportunities to have another child (but they didn’t make it) and we even tried to adopt and that didn’t happen either. So, yes, I do wish that I had had more children.

So, there’s the latest…………….. so far. The snow saga continues.


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