Have A Great 4th!!

Hi There,
Just a quick note wishing you all a Happy July 4th!
I’m spending this afternoon getting ready for tomorrow. From getting sodas and water chilled for celebrating in the hot sun, to buying food for our “All American” lunch tomorrow.
Also just a reminder to please be careful with your fireworks, yourselves and your pets tomorrow. We had a historic landmark baseball stadium in our town burn down this week, thus prompting a ban on fireworks in that area. As far as I know, the fire wasn’t started by fireworks, but served as a reminder that hot weather, dry grass and wood, and fire do not mix and puts you on the news (and not in a good way!)

I don’t know about you, but I like to decorate for holidays, and the 4th is one of my favorites. So I thought I’d share what I’ve set out this year. Enjoy! IMG_6839
Have a wonderful and safe holiday!


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