Returning to “Normal”

Happy New Year Everyone!!
It’s that time again. When we put away our Christmas decorations, toss the tree, and put the furniture back where it belongs. It’s time to listen to regular music on the radio and it’s time for Starbucks to put their peppermint mocha supplies in the back room. My daughter would disagree with that last part. She found the peppermint mocha to be “Amazing!”
I am almost finished getting the inside of the house back to normal. I still have our front porch to work on and Kevin still has some lights to put away. I thought I’d post a few pictures from yesterday’s cleaning.

These are just a few of our containers.............

These are just a few of our containers………….

....and I'm supposed to nicely pack all of this away into those containers.

….and I’m supposed to nicely pack all of this away into those containers.

Once we moved the tree and vacuumed the needles (and I realized that Kevin and I both like to vacuum large messes)I brought in Kevin’s papasan chair. For several years, Kevin had this chair in his cubicle at work. He also had a doormat that read “Go Away” at the entrance. The comfy chair and the doormat sent conflicting messages. The lure of the papasan chair always overpowered the message of the doormat and coworkers would come in and visit. So when Kevin had to move to a new cubicle, he brought the chair home and it sat in our garage for a few months. So, for now, we’re trying it out in the livingroom. It’s comfortable, and probably a great place to nap.
Kevin's papasan chair Kevin’s papasan chair

Happy New Year!


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