It’s a Girl!

No, we didn’t have a baby. At least not a human one. We did add to our family though. Meet Miss Oswin!

Oswin at 8 weeks

Oswin at 8 weeks

Two weeks ago, our Monday started off like any other day. Then, I had an errand to the grocery store. And when I arrived, there was a mother and daughter giving away the last kitten from a litter of five. And, she looked so cute. And I texted my husband and daughter (the real cat lovers) about her. And I went into the store and debated the pros and cons of bringing her home. And then decided that if she was still out front when I left the store, I’d bring her home. Well, she had already been given away when I left the store. So I figured that it was meant to be, and I would go about the rest of my day, getting that little kitten out of my thoughts.
Then, my husband went to our friend’s house. This friend tends to have a lot of cats and kittens on his property. Kevin sent me a text about this cute little Tortie kitten. So Heather and I assumed that he would be bringing her home and we’d have a new kitten after all. He didn’t. However, he did go back to our friend’s house later in the evening, and this time, he did come home with her.
Her name is “Oswin”, after the latest companion in the “Dr. Who” show. I thought that it was a cool name, for a cat. She seems to have adapted to our house and family really well. She’s a pro at using the litter box and has become quite the hovering mooch when we sit down to eat. The other cats are getting used to having her around. They’re 9 years old and aren’t as active as this new little gal is. Oscar seems to be the one who is most accepting of her. He sort of watches out for her, but also lets her know when she’s overstepping her boundaries without hissing or smacking her. IMG_6248 Welcome to the family Oswin!



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