The Cooler

For the most part, we use our cooler once per year, for the July 4th festivities. Every year, when those festivities are over, we bring this cooler into the house, into the livingroom, with the intention of taking out the remaining sodas and emptying out the ice and water. However, it tends to stay in the livingroom and serves as sort of a mini fridge. Then I start thinking about how cool(no pun intended) it would be to actually have a mini fridge there. Then I remind myself, that this isn’t a bachelor pad or a man-cave (not picking on men here, but I’ve never seen a mini fridge in a single woman’s livingroom), and we can walk 10 feet to the full sized one in the kitchen. And we could use the little bit of exercise to work off whatever caloric item we’re planning to get from that fridge.
Sometimes though, a mini fridge does sound like a nice idea.



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