Another School Year Begins

1209276_10201584169182696_24027981_n[1]Yesterday was the first day of school for us.  Most of the other school districts surrounding us started last week, however the district that we live in, waited until yesterday and today.

I think that we’re getting a workable schedule figured out.  I sit and work with Kylin all morning, while Heather works on everything but Math.  Then in the afternoon, I sit with Heather and we both work on Math (because I need a refresher course) while Kylin works on chores or works out with the Wii Fit (it’s really too humid to exercise outside).

So far, so good.

A change in our routine included switching a couple of chores between the kids.  Heather is back to doing dishes (and doing a very good job at keeping up with them).  Kylin is learning to do laundry, finally.  Folding the laundry also helps with his hand/eye coordination as well.

As for the cats, well, nothing has really changed for them.  Except maybe being knighted as our school mascots.  They don’t seem to care.  They’ll go by any label as long as they still have soft furniture, something to eat, and someone to treat them like kings.

Welcome back to school!



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