Happy Valentine’s Day!

For several years, for this particular day, I do to like have little treats for my family, waiting on the dining room table in the morning. When my kids were little, they looked at this day as they would Christmas. They were up before the sun, anxious to dig into their gift bags and see, and sample, the chocolate representations of our love. They didn’t mind having their pictures taken in their pjs. In no time at all, the chocolate was gone, and they were sugered up for the morning.

Fast forward to now.

My husband and I were the first ones awake. The kids still love chocolate, but they do love their sleep even more. The chocolate is still sampled, but the rest is set aside and nibbled on during the rest of the week.

They still hope that I’ll deem it a holiday so they won’t have to do school. Sorry kids 🙂

This year, we gave them each their own set of Sharpies (so Mom could have hers back) and one other little gift that we thought they would like.

I gave Kevin a couple of chocolate truffles, to go along with the regular candy, as well as some novelty di-cast cars to display in his cubicle at work. He gave me a dozen roses, a card, and the promise of dinner and a movie tonight.

I think that he may have outdone me in the gift department!



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