The Entitled Feline

The weather here in Oregon is making that odd transition from Summer to Fall.  We have mornings that are overcast, chilly and rainy followed by afternoons full of sunshine (though still a bit chilly), and finally moving into evenings that have enough of a chill to justify a fire in the fireplace and a hot beverage.

On this sunny/chilly morning, our cat, “Paws” (or “Crazy Panther” as our son has been calling him) thought it might be nice to catch some rays through the window, before the cloud cover comes back.

I’m sure that he’s happy that our window sills are wide enough for him to lay on.






Such a proud, entitled sunbather……..







“No more pictures thank you!”                                                                                                                                                 







“This is my spot.  No one else is allowed to sunbathe here!”  Maybe we should have named him “Sheldon”







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