Getting Back to “Normal”

It’s starting to feel a bit more normal around here.As far as settling into our house goes, I would say that we are mostly settled.  I think that because our new home has an almost identical floor plan as our previous home, figuring out where the furniture goes, has been easier.  We did move a couple of pieces to different locations, however most of it is still the same.  There have been times where I still feel like I’m in the previous house and I think (briefly) that Alberstons, WalMart and Target are still “just down the street”.
We are settling in fairly well though.

Just a picture showing the “put together” part of the house.  For anyone curious about the painting hanging above the piano, the adults in the picture are my great-great grandparents, with 3 of their 8 children, on their homestead…….in a soddy.









And here is something more realistic.  This is actually the bonus room, where the computer, older TV, kids toys,extra books and the sewing machine live.  I just haven’t sorted it out yet.






I think more bookshelves are called for.   Don’t you?


Another thing that is feeling more normal is the Fall weather.  When the calender showed that it was officially Fall last month, our weather still chose to be hot enough for us to wear shorts and sleeveless shirts.  Now, as we approach the middle of October, we still have sunshine, but there is a nip and crispness to the air, and the nights are really cold.   We’re finally getting those Fall days that justify sitting on the couch or a favorite chair, wrapped in a blanket and drinking a cup of hot cocoa or tea.  Very cozy!

Since my last post, we’ve also started the new school year.  I have a Junior in High school now.  This year, she’s involved in a homeschooling co-o, where she’s taking 3 classes.  She has writing, literature, and speech.   She has some very busy days ahead, but I think she’ll enjoy them.  My son, under normal circumstances, if we lived in a “one size/program fits all” world, would be a Freshman in high school.    We’re once again, going a different route to teach him in the manner in which he learns.   Right now, he’s very much into astronomy.  He’s fascinated with the stars, planets, watching the International Space Station as it flies overhead, and……….”Eve” from the movie “WALL-E” (which sparked his interest in space to begin with).

I should get going.

It’s nearly lunch time and the “young’ns” will be getting hungry.

One of them is showing me her sad puppy eyes, asking for a ride to the mall.




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