Father’s Day

I’m a few days late in posting about Father’s Day.  Busyness always tends to supersede the need to write.

It’s always been rather hard to shop for my husband and father on Father’s Day.   It’s hard to find the right card to describe them.  My dad doesn’t play or watch sports, but he isn’t a couch potato either, and the gross “men” jokes don’t apply to him.   He does enjoy humor, so I try to stick with that.  My husband isn’t a sports fanatic, or a car guy, and he isn’t into serious cards either.   Still, even in the humor section, it’s hard to find a card that isn’t over the line and might offend (in my dad’s case, I leave the insulting card giving up to his sister as they’ve been giving each other those cards for years).

For my husband, I usually make him breakfast and serve it to him in bed.

He had been told just a few days before to stop consuming dairy products for a few days, and decided to wait until after Father’s Day to start, so that he could have the gravy on the biscuits.   They were delicious!!

Not pictured is the cup of his favorite brand of coffee (which we only buy for special occasions as it’s rather spendy).





I also gave him a Neil Diamond CD because, he’s a fan of Neil’s music.  I don’t have a picture of that.

I also gave Kevin updated pictures of our kids, framed and ready to put on his desk at work.

The kids are growing way too fast!  They can wear our shoes now, and they’re as tall as we are or close to it.  I’m just happy that I was able to get the boy to give me a normal smile (and not an intense one) for these pics!  They were good sports considering that it had just started to rain.

Kevin was glad to have some new pics of the kids to show off at work.







The rest of the day was spent just lounging around the house, which is very rare.  Truly a day of rest for the father of our house!



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