Phasing Out The Egg Hunt.

  Easter came quickly this year.  It arrived on the tail end of a very busy two weeks.   When one’s spouse is running for office, invitations to candidate forums, political groups, and neighborhood associations tend to increase as election day approaches.

This isn’t a political blog to be sure, but I’m just saying that I didn’t have as much time for Easter basket shopping.  I try to get my holiday shopping finished before the weekend of that holiday, when the majority are doing their Easter shopping.  I’m not a fan or crowds or chaotic shopping.

For many years, we dyed eggs with the kids on the day before Easter.  On Easter morning (or sometimes afternoon) my husband would hide those eggs in the most clever places (my daughter could always find them, however for our son, if he couldn’t see it outright, he didn’t want to hunt for it).   The kids are nearly 14 and 16 now, so this year I asked them if they still wanted to hunt eggs.   They pretty much informed us that they weren’t really interested anymore and for the past two years or so, they were hunting eggs to appease us, so they wouldn’t have to see us being sad that they’re growing up.   I think that my husband was sadder than I was, because he enjoyed finding odd, hard to find places for those eggs.

I asked the kids if the were too old for Easter baskets.  They both exclaimed “NO!”  Apparently, gifts and chocolate, one never outgrows.  So, I went out to find the container with their Easter baskets.  Unfortunately, moisture had made its way into the container, so their baskets and the Easter grass was useless.  So we figured that since we’re in a new phase with the kids and they wouldn’t be hunting eggs, I bought gift bags.  The kids still had their candy, and gifts and they were happy.

While they were enjoying their sugar high, their father and I went to see “Titanic” in 3D in the IMAX theater.

Not exactly like the Easter Sunday’s I remember from childhood, but, we are in a new phase in life, slightly changing some traditions and making new ones.



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